Friday, September 25, 2009

Some randomness from the life of Kristie.

Kristie With Glasses

Ladies Night @ Tre Nightclub
(Yes these are the strippers we hired... and yes he's groping me)

Erin's Bridal Shower

Susan's Bridal Shower
(Becki & I)

Tailgating at the A's Giants Game in SF.

The bum's we saw in SF that day.

We gave them money, just so we could take a photo with them.

Their sign was classic.
So here ya go... A little picture randomness.
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Material Girl.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a Material girl?

I was talking with a friend yesterday about how far we have both come, and how hard it has been. Both of us moved out young, and have tried to survive this world on our own, and now he has to seek shelter back with his family. A total bust to his 20-something male ego. Thank goodness for my family and the help they have provided me. Id be lost... completely lost.

I wonder if I will ever be at that place where I don't count every dime, every nickle. Hope that my account isn't red when I go and check it.

Will ends ever meet? Well I ever meet those ends? Ha, probably not... and I am okay with that.

(The whole material girl thing was totally sparked by another blog topic starting now...)

So this weekend, my friends Ali & Raheem had a party at their home for Ali's birthday.


This was easy, Sheldon as Ray Charles, And I... As Madonna... Duh!

Not... Like a virgin ;)

The night was a blast, minus me falling down roughly 9 marble stairs. Ouch. My leg, tuckus, back and foot are bruised... memories.

Also the funniest thing happened... I won best costume! Yes... I did!!! And guess what I won

Kristina - A SNUGGIE.

(Pictures to follow)

How I have yearned for a snuggie since I started reading Kristina's amazingness.

Now I get to be just like her, with my red snuggieloveagus.

She's a stinkin crack up, and I pretty much adore her and her blogging genius.

Here is the outfit that won it all...