Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey Ya'll - I LOVE MY MOMMY.

Just an FYI.

Have a nice wednesday.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A quick vacay.

It all started out as a last minute trip. I woke up, looked at Sheldon and said... "I'm not going to work today. I'm sick... Homesick." Jumped in my car and drove 5 hours to see my family. Last weekend was the weekend that one of the biggest events happens in our little town.
Mountain Festival
That's right folks, good Ol' Mt. Fest.
It is hard to miss!! Strawberry lemonade, cool crowns made out of plastic with ribbon falling down the back, crappy jewelry and overpriced food. You got a parade, the band cheerleaders... It is amazing. Everyone gets together at the park and just has a great time... It is followed by a carnival and car show and if you walk way far over into the corner of City Park, there is a beer garden ;)
It was a great little get away. I miss my family, and had to take this chance to go see them.
I posted some pics...
This is Tamara. She has been my friend, BEST friend for a very long time. I love her and miss her company every day.

Car show day, I stayed late on Sunday so I could spend some time with Pops.

Here is my littlest sis. Love her MUCHO.

That one is Guy>

Oh, and then Kristie gets a bright Idea to get a Tattoo from her bro in law Isaiah...


Finished product...
Chinese Cherry Blossoms: Female Strength & Beauty; Dominance.

Love it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Party.

The day had arrived. August 7th.
Left work a bit early, went and decorated, grabbed a snack and headed home to get ready.
We had to rush to finish up but we got out of the door semi- on time.
All in all the party proved to be a success, but I was so concerned about my friends having a good time, and getting in the door without cover or staying in line... that I didn't have a whole lot of time to enjoy the evening. I didn't even make it to the dance floor :(

One thing I am proud of was our Pink & Black candy bar, and the outfits I made for Sam and I (Minus the corset tops, I just bedazzeled those)

I thought I would post some pics for those who didn't make it

That's Us :)

Our Pink & Black Candy/Cupcake Bar

Sam & I

Cathryn & I

My Sisters Jody & Monica

Sam Kelli & I

Once Sheldon convinced me to stop worrying about everyone else and to have a drink.
He literally poured it down my throat.

Everyone on the patio was singing us "Happy Birthday"

My end of the evening kiss, from my handsome man.
-Yeah hes sticking his tongue out... Sexy huh? ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 Years Young.

Pretty Much I have the most amazing people in my life.

Heres what I came in to this morning.

This is my desk with a view... of a parking lot. Natural light none the less.

A "Pink Lemonade" Boquet from Suzanne

A beautiful pink boquet from Sheldon *Sigh*

A Pink Set up for a Pink Potluck

My Wonderful CoWorkers...

Pink Deviled Eggs - Courtesy of Panthia

Yummy Food.

And this beautiful assortment of fruit came from my Mom Dad, Sis and Bro.
There's a 25 in Pineapple!!! How cool is that!!!

I am so grateful to those in my life.
Soooo very grateful.
Thanks everyone, you made my birthday soooo special,
And thanks for the Iphone mom. Im addicted,
and Dad for the Oil Change and Gas, Cedes is happy and healthy now.
Randi & Zaya, Thanks for my candle and make-up :)
LISI'ians. You rock my world in pink :)
Lots of Love,