Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Candy Land at work

Christmas Cubical Decorating Contest

See the game pieces?

A few bright pieces of foam, some Cellophane and glitter...
A few reindeer's.

Cant go without a couple traditional Christmas trees.

Mmm Foam and plastic lollipops.

Purple is winning.

Yeah that is my desk area. Ain't it cute? Rebecca is to my left, and my work wife's desk is on my right.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Halloween Month...

What are you going to be?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have I introduced you two yet?

Oh, I did?? Well just in case I didn't, This is Parker. My perfect Parker.
My nephew that I love bunches.
The end.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just the girls.

So Gretchen got married :)
And I threw her a bachelorette party fit for a princess.

The Bag I made for Gretchen, as her Bachelorette gift.

The Bachelorette herself. Men, back off... she's a taken women now.

The table of goodies for the girls. Including a personalized bottle of wine,
coozie, and goodie box, and don't think I didn't make the girls wear the
boas. Because I TOTALLY did.

Appetizer time!!

First shots of the night... And by far not the last.

Drinking game, with my special passion punch.
(my version of "jungle juice")

You did?!?! No... You never.

Stack em up ladies.

Out and about in downtown.

Badlands, the most amazing gay club ever.

We had such a fun night. These girls are the perfect group of friends to go out with. Everyone is laid back and is just there to have fun. I'm so lucky to have such amazing women in my life. I only hope I can get them all together again for a ladies night. I mean, look at them... Who wouldn't want to take them out? Its a good lookin' group of girls.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Company Picnic

A few images from our event in Sunnyvale CA.

Getting ready to do relays.

My Sheldon & I

Jason, Ben & Jake
(The smokin' hot LISI men)

My Manager Denise

Jason again (he's one of my favorites)

Kicking butt in the relays.
It was a fun event with face painting and kids games, a bounce house that was a hit with the kids as well as the adults. The food was great, and the company was better. It was a beautiful day in the bay area and I am so glad I attended. I was pretty bummed that there were so many people that complained about having to drive too far so they didn't go. I say Bah Humbug. It happens once a year so stop your whining. But the more time I spend with my office the more annoyed I get with the complaining and whining. Oh well... to each their own. Enjoy your Wednesday.

Friday, August 20, 2010


When I first wrote this blog, it started after a saddening break up. I needed an outlet, somewhere to vent where I couldn't be judged (well i guess I can, but you can just close the window if you don't like what I'm writing, the little "X" button in the corner of the screen is a beautiful thing isn't it?)

Back to what I was saying... Never did I know that this blogging community would be such an ongoing interest of mine. I love reading blogs, it's nice to see what people share.

When I titled this blog "Foreverstronger" I didn't know how much that title would come into play. Not every day have I become stronger, some days I feel have made me weaker,older,wiser,sadder... and more disappointed in people as human beings. Above it all, I can look back and truly say that I have become forever stronger. I have learned how to forgive others, forgive myself and make better choices. I have created incredible friendships acquaintances and met new relatives. We had a family reunion at the end of September, that was amazing... meeting so many wonderful cousins.
And if I hadn't mentioned that I got this little man at the beginning of the year. He is 6 months today and it has been the best 6 months I could ever ask for.
My little sister came to visit me, and we took her out to her "first club".
Bekki is getting married. She's one of the many of my friends taking the jump this year. We had an amazing cowgirl themed bachelorette party with a mechanical bull and everything. I have video to prove it. Shhhh.
A night out with the girls. Ive always had a bucket list for my 20's. This particular night 4 of my favorite friends helped me fulfill #4 on my list. Walk home drunk and barefoot. The barefoot part happened right after we ran thru sprinklers in our nice dresses. I couldn't have asked for a better night.
Summer bbq's at the "brothers palace".
This is Irina and Megan, pretty much the most chill girls ever.
I live a charmed life.
I'm happy.
I'm okay.
I'm secure.
And I'm Forever Stronger.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Diamonds & Diapers

Seems like lately more than half the people I know are buying houses, getting married and having babies. Is it weird that now I'm starting to get the itch? More for marriage I guess than kids.
The whole marriage thing freaks me out on one hand, it's like signing a contract for one person for the rest of your life. Is that what I wanna do?
Um, Yeah... Kinda.
I always fantasized about the white dress, the flowers, the dance with my Dad.
Also, I fantasized about owning an Ice cream truck when I was 5. Not all fantasies come true.
Now being married is something I didn't start taking seriously beyond my colors and my cake flavor, until about a week ago. It is now that I'm feeling like I would really like to be "someones wife", and eventually "someones mother".
I know I would make a great wife. I hope I would make a great mother, and not try to rhinestone my child's arms and legs because I could... but nurture and help grow a beautiful human being... All with the help of my future husband of course.
Now the house? Probably not going to happen for me any time soon. I seem to always be broke, always be living from paycheck to paycheck, aside from stripping I am not sure how I could stack some cash, without the help of someone investing with me, and that would be a husband, not a sponsor. Sponsor's usually require special favors and I havent become that desperate yet.
We can revisit that in a year. Ahem. Kidding. Maybe.
I don't know if this is meant for me soon, but I hope it happens sooner than later.
My name is Kristie and I think I want to be married, and Im lucky to have that right.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding My creativity again...

Crafting is my passion.

I grew up with a Father who could make something out of nothing, or fix anything that was broken with a little bit of patience,some kind of tool and some adhesive.

My mom taught us all the possibilities of glitter and Elmer's glue. She made us dresses, she made us matching bows... My wardrobe up to the age of 7 or 8 was completely made by my Mom.

Crafting has always been my past-time. I love scrap booking (sooo expensive) or making favors.

I posted some pictures of a few recent projects below.

My Sisters Wedding Centerpieces

Constructed our of card stock... Boxes adorned with my coworkers Initial and filled with treats.

Bridal Shower gift for Erin, A basket of camping supplies.

Then there is my true passion.
Sugar, Flour and Piping bags.
My love for making cakes started one day when I wanted to make something fun, that I could give to my greatest friend at the time Hayley. I stopped at Michael's and when I walked down the cake isle, my eyes lit up. I just knew that this was what I wanted to do.
Cake making is a craft that you perfect with time. It also requires a lot of tools, a good oven, a better recipe and A LOT of patience. It can get semi expensive when you make everything from scratch, which is what I started doing (Except my first two cakes)

My Very First Cake for Hayley's 22nd Birthday
My Second Cake - 4th of July 2006
Birthday Cake for Susie who we nicknamed "Princess" 06'
Rob & Jen's Birthday Cake 07'
April's Bridal Shower Cake 07'
Also, this was my first time making fondant.
My Sister's Baby Shower Cake 09'
-Spray food colored stars and black dust make the cake a little dark looking.
It was "Potty like a Rock star" themed.
My Beautiful Baseball Playing Boyfriends Birthday Cake
Icing a round object was the most difficult thing Ive ever done.
These are just a few of my Cake Creations.
Looking at these cakes makes me want to go home and make one after work :)
Thinking on it last night, I wish I could just quit my job and go to culinary school in Napa. I want to learn the art of baking and pastries. My dream is to own a bakery one day.
I just don't know if that can ever happen.
I feel like I would need to step out of my comfort zone and go for it, if I ever wanted it to happen... But how do you leave a full time job, when you have bills to pay? How to you really go chase your dream when you have responsibilities, and payments and credit cards and leases... Not forgetting no money in the bank. I was watching Oprah last night and she had a few people who had just chased their dreams and are now living their dream life, with their dream job. These people would just look into the camera and say "Just go for it! Chase your dreams!!" Um, Okay... Ill "Just go for it!" - If chasing my dreams means I may be without a roof over my head or without a car, and in major debt, I feel like its just not worth the risk?
What do you think? How far would you go to reach your dream? I know sitting at a desk from 8-5 is not what I was hoping to be doing at 26. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for my job. I have incredible hours, benefits, counterparts. Not to mention a 401k and no micromanagement.
Should I just be mediocre? Do I just live with what I have and be happy with that?
*Sigh* Maybe Duff or the Cake Boss will read this, come knock on my door and take me away.
Until then, I think I better get back to work.

Monday, August 9, 2010

If I die young.

"If I die young, bury me in satin... Lay me down in a bed of roses"

Each day we wake up and do our normal routines. One thing I don't incorporate into my routine is being thankful for each day that I do get to have.

Ive heard this song before, never really listened to the lyrics but always thought it was pretty.

Today I looked up the video, and had to share.

I don't want to forget what a blessing each day is. I know that its easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a full time job, a commute... chores, finances... All those things that tend to get stressful. Then i think, I would never want my mother to have to bury me young. I'm going to be absolutely more grateful for each day, and maybe try to live a little less stressed. Life is a beautiful thing, and I am living another day of it. Thank goodness.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not much to say today.

So I'll just make a funny face.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Nephew.

He's my perky little perfect Parker.

And his smile is the best birthday present ever.
Is it weird I want to just make out with him?
No tongue... Just lots and lots of kisses all over his face and belly?
Hes perfect, did I mention that?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let me tell you 'bout a man...

I'm pretty sure he is perfect for me.
Thru ups and downs, this is the first guy who I feel truly understands who I am as a person,
and if he doesn't, he makes sure he tries to.
I feel like an adult with him.
A girl with a purpose.
He is always concerned, would never turn his back and always has mine.
We have our ups and downs, but I treat the downs as learning experiences.
I'm pretty sure he is it for me, In hopes that I don't jinx us... I secretly wish that one day I will marry him, Because you know what? I'm okay with every quirk he has, he eats every meal I cook him with a satisfied smile, he really listens when I talk... And when he hugs me, my stress kinda goes away, just for those few moments.
I'm a happy girl.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My blog is a mess. Soon I will fix it. Then I will start blogging on a regular basis.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family Photos

So I have the coolest family in the world. They are the group that keeps me grounded, makes me go crazy and always loves me for who I am. My mom's 50th birthday and Mothers day fall right around the same time, so this year we had to do something super special. I drove the 5 hours to her home, and my family & I surprised her with a special day of pampering. Ending with some family photos done by the amazing Jaclyn.

Mom & Randi

Mom & Me

Baby Parker & Sissy

My beautiful nephew Parker

Dad Parker & Momma

The Happy Family (Although you wouldn't be able to tell by baby's face)

Dad & Ran

Me (My parents have beautiful property)

The Family

Daddy & Daughters

He makes me smile

She has my heart <3

The Ladies

Right before this, i fell off the tree. It was awesome.
I Love my Family. I'm a lucky lucky girl.