Friday, October 8, 2010

Just the girls.

So Gretchen got married :)
And I threw her a bachelorette party fit for a princess.

The Bag I made for Gretchen, as her Bachelorette gift.

The Bachelorette herself. Men, back off... she's a taken women now.

The table of goodies for the girls. Including a personalized bottle of wine,
coozie, and goodie box, and don't think I didn't make the girls wear the
boas. Because I TOTALLY did.

Appetizer time!!

First shots of the night... And by far not the last.

Drinking game, with my special passion punch.
(my version of "jungle juice")

You did?!?! No... You never.

Stack em up ladies.

Out and about in downtown.

Badlands, the most amazing gay club ever.

We had such a fun night. These girls are the perfect group of friends to go out with. Everyone is laid back and is just there to have fun. I'm so lucky to have such amazing women in my life. I only hope I can get them all together again for a ladies night. I mean, look at them... Who wouldn't want to take them out? Its a good lookin' group of girls.

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