Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Im still here.

I know it seems like I fell off the face of the earth, but I'm still here :)
I stalk all of your blogs (the 2 followers that i have - tee hee)
And a couple strangers who have no idea that I exist. Anyway,
A quick update on whats been going on.
I had a nasty accident. Cant give details, but my back hurts. Ouch. And I have a new car.
Its my cute little toaster, yes yes... a red Scion XB. I just ordered custom plates that say "1BXYLDY" Yeah that's right, Boxxxxyyyyy Ladyyyyy! It was the only fun I got out of this whole situation... But I digress.
In better news my little sister is getting more and more pregnant.
I got to feel the baby kick for the first time, and I about lost it. I cried hysterically over my sister's pregnant belly saying the baby's name "Parker... Its Auntie!!"
Christmas was wonderful. I dressed like an elf at work, and spread some holiday cheer.

And here is a photo of the boyfriend wearing my Burberry Sunglasses and his silly hat I bought him that he loves. We were on our way to the parents house for Christmas.

We had an amazing time with my family. The dinner was amazing and roasting marshmallows by the fire with my nephew was the best. I got a TomTom (Navigation system) Which is uber exciting if you know me. And some cool converse and coffee cups. I'm such a lucky girl. Thanks for the oatmeal and Olive oil Mom. I super wanted some olive oil. That stuff is so dang expensive!!

Well that is my update. NYE should be pretty rockin, Were having a red carpet themed party at my friends Semi- Mansion. The dress I bought is pretty amazing, Oh yes folks. PINK SEQUINS. I'm super excited.
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and I wish you a fantastic new year!
What was your favorite gift you got for Christmas?? Id love to know!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding Season - 2 Weddings, One weekend :)

Mr. Perry & I

Mr. Berry & I

Sheldon's Frat Brothers

The DJ @ Katie & Clint's Wedding

Sheldon & I @ K & C's Wedding in Lodi CA

Jehri & Ali

Shel's Co Workers

Cody & I

My honey & I
Katie & Clint's wedding was Saturday in Lodi at a beautiful winery called "Wine & Roses". Lodi isn't the most beautiful town in Northern California, but they did have the decency to cover up the hills of cow poop with tarps and tires. Thanks a billion Lodi!
Despite my hair smelling like cow manure when we got there, the wedding was gorgeous... A string quartet playing out on the lawn while the guests were waiting for the ceremony to start, lush landscaping and an amazing cocktail hour.
Katie & Clint are a beautiful couple, they giggled all the way thru their vows, the joy in their faces was hard to ignore. I hope one day I can feel that way... Congratulations to a beautiful couple.
Jayme & Eric's Wedding was Sunday at the Vizcaya in downtown Sacramento. The Vizcaya is an old 8 bedroom mansion, with a really unique feel.
I had never met Jayme or Eric, but Eric was one of Sheldon's frat brothers from Sac state.
The wedding was so much fun, and I met a bunch of really amazing people.
I love my boyfriend, he is amazing... I'm happy to have spent that time with him, and met his coworkers and his closest of friends. Weddings are so much fun. Getting dressed up, and going to witness the vows between two people who are so much in love.
(You get to slow dance too )
YAY - Wedding Season.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Some randomness from the life of Kristie.

Kristie With Glasses

Ladies Night @ Tre Nightclub
(Yes these are the strippers we hired... and yes he's groping me)

Erin's Bridal Shower

Susan's Bridal Shower
(Becki & I)

Tailgating at the A's Giants Game in SF.

The bum's we saw in SF that day.

We gave them money, just so we could take a photo with them.

Their sign was classic.
So here ya go... A little picture randomness.
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Material Girl.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a Material girl?

I was talking with a friend yesterday about how far we have both come, and how hard it has been. Both of us moved out young, and have tried to survive this world on our own, and now he has to seek shelter back with his family. A total bust to his 20-something male ego. Thank goodness for my family and the help they have provided me. Id be lost... completely lost.

I wonder if I will ever be at that place where I don't count every dime, every nickle. Hope that my account isn't red when I go and check it.

Will ends ever meet? Well I ever meet those ends? Ha, probably not... and I am okay with that.

(The whole material girl thing was totally sparked by another blog topic starting now...)

So this weekend, my friends Ali & Raheem had a party at their home for Ali's birthday.


This was easy, Sheldon as Ray Charles, And I... As Madonna... Duh!

Not... Like a virgin ;)

The night was a blast, minus me falling down roughly 9 marble stairs. Ouch. My leg, tuckus, back and foot are bruised... memories.

Also the funniest thing happened... I won best costume! Yes... I did!!! And guess what I won

Kristina - A SNUGGIE.

(Pictures to follow)

How I have yearned for a snuggie since I started reading Kristina's amazingness.

Now I get to be just like her, with my red snuggieloveagus.

She's a stinkin crack up, and I pretty much adore her and her blogging genius.

Here is the outfit that won it all...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey Ya'll - I LOVE MY MOMMY.

Just an FYI.

Have a nice wednesday.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A quick vacay.

It all started out as a last minute trip. I woke up, looked at Sheldon and said... "I'm not going to work today. I'm sick... Homesick." Jumped in my car and drove 5 hours to see my family. Last weekend was the weekend that one of the biggest events happens in our little town.
Mountain Festival
That's right folks, good Ol' Mt. Fest.
It is hard to miss!! Strawberry lemonade, cool crowns made out of plastic with ribbon falling down the back, crappy jewelry and overpriced food. You got a parade, the band cheerleaders... It is amazing. Everyone gets together at the park and just has a great time... It is followed by a carnival and car show and if you walk way far over into the corner of City Park, there is a beer garden ;)
It was a great little get away. I miss my family, and had to take this chance to go see them.
I posted some pics...
This is Tamara. She has been my friend, BEST friend for a very long time. I love her and miss her company every day.

Car show day, I stayed late on Sunday so I could spend some time with Pops.

Here is my littlest sis. Love her MUCHO.

That one is Guy>

Oh, and then Kristie gets a bright Idea to get a Tattoo from her bro in law Isaiah...


Finished product...
Chinese Cherry Blossoms: Female Strength & Beauty; Dominance.

Love it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Party.

The day had arrived. August 7th.
Left work a bit early, went and decorated, grabbed a snack and headed home to get ready.
We had to rush to finish up but we got out of the door semi- on time.
All in all the party proved to be a success, but I was so concerned about my friends having a good time, and getting in the door without cover or staying in line... that I didn't have a whole lot of time to enjoy the evening. I didn't even make it to the dance floor :(

One thing I am proud of was our Pink & Black candy bar, and the outfits I made for Sam and I (Minus the corset tops, I just bedazzeled those)

I thought I would post some pics for those who didn't make it

That's Us :)

Our Pink & Black Candy/Cupcake Bar

Sam & I

Cathryn & I

My Sisters Jody & Monica

Sam Kelli & I

Once Sheldon convinced me to stop worrying about everyone else and to have a drink.
He literally poured it down my throat.

Everyone on the patio was singing us "Happy Birthday"

My end of the evening kiss, from my handsome man.
-Yeah hes sticking his tongue out... Sexy huh? ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 Years Young.

Pretty Much I have the most amazing people in my life.

Heres what I came in to this morning.

This is my desk with a view... of a parking lot. Natural light none the less.

A "Pink Lemonade" Boquet from Suzanne

A beautiful pink boquet from Sheldon *Sigh*

A Pink Set up for a Pink Potluck

My Wonderful CoWorkers...

Pink Deviled Eggs - Courtesy of Panthia

Yummy Food.

And this beautiful assortment of fruit came from my Mom Dad, Sis and Bro.
There's a 25 in Pineapple!!! How cool is that!!!

I am so grateful to those in my life.
Soooo very grateful.
Thanks everyone, you made my birthday soooo special,
And thanks for the Iphone mom. Im addicted,
and Dad for the Oil Change and Gas, Cedes is happy and healthy now.
Randi & Zaya, Thanks for my candle and make-up :)
LISI'ians. You rock my world in pink :)
Lots of Love,