Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Stuff Man!

So I have some pretty exciting stuff happening in the "Life of Kristie" Like...

MY NEW PURPLE COUCHES. Yes that's right folks, I said it... I got PURPLE COUCHES. And I'm ridiculously excited. I think it really makes my living room complete. I have a Moroccan color scheme going with golds, reds, oranges and purples. I EL OH VEE EE IT!!

(And yeah those are palm trees- Don't ask.)

Next on my list of Excitingness...

My Sister's Rock & Roll Themed baby shower

The Invitations I made :)

My Newest Cake Creation May I present... The Rock & Roll Cake

Lindsay & Karen = KISS

Cathryn, Erin & Zach

1/2 of the gang that showed up

We decorated all these onsies with different rocker decor. My crappy camera phone doesn't do them the justice they deserve.

I turned my Mom's artwork into theatre style posters...

"Live From Parker's Crib..." Get it ?? hehehe

The bay window :)

That was my update :) Tonight my boyfriend, I and some close friends are going to dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant called Cosmopolitan
I'm pretty excited. And I'm ordering salmon, and a fruity alcoholic drink...
Its the little things :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

All it takes is 10 Dollars.

How could any of us living in the states forget how utterly lucky we are... I mean we have our share of problems... this so called economic slum were in was thought to be so serious... But most of us are making it I think. We have resources... Im not belittling anyones problems here at all, but could you even fathom the thought of what these poor people are going through in Haiti? Just a few years ago they had another natural disaster. Its heartwrenching.

Anyway, If you dont have much to give, I understand... but every dollar helps. Think about it. If everyone gave a little, it could go a long way.

TEXT "Haiti" to 90999 and $10 will be added to your cellphone bill. All profits go to Red Cross. Act like it was a couple ringtones :) Pass the word. This isnt a hoax, I verified it. How cool is our technology now, that we can just text to help people.

You can also look at other ways to help at

PLEASE pass the word.