Friday, February 27, 2009

Self Support.

Is it weird that I have been holding my own hand lately?? I will unknowingly cup one hand in the other as if I am embracing my own phalanges.

(That sounded so dirty!)

Maybe its my own little way of comforting myself. - Its not the normal hand clasp when uncomfortable- or the nervous uncomfortable grip. Its a sincere embrace.


I cannot believe I am writing about it. But it has just stricken me as odd, especially because I am completley oblivious to it until I look down and notice it. It has been ridiculously stressful in my life right now, and I do understand that I am not the only one going thru it. So let me give you advice.

Hold your own hand.
Apparently, its comforting.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Money??? No...

So I know that the economy has said to be pretty crappy lately. Well I am feeling it.

It is a pretty awful feeling when you don't even know if you will be able to pay rent. I mean, how
gut-wrenchingly stressful. I had a roommate. But that person turned out to be
A big super duper huge thumbs down. Ahhhh well. Life goes on I guess.
So what happens when you can't pay your rent. Do I resort to a cardboard box?
(If anyone has a large one, that would be a great back up plan)
SO on top of no money, and stress I have the plague. - Yeah this great chest cold is sticking around. Sometimes I think "Why me?" then I have to remind myself of all the things I have in life, and this money thing... well... money comes and goes. Health dwindles, but I can be grateful I am alive, that I have an incredible family , great friends and a roof over my head (for now).
Wish me luck. (Or a second job)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad Hair Day.

Have you ever had one of these??

(This picture was taken the day before my sister's wedding. The sponge roller disaster.)

I can definitely say I have them all the time.

It happens only on certain mornings and I almost know immediately the night before when it will happen.

It goes a little somethin like this.

Wake up.
Brush teeth.
Make up!! (A definite priority)
-If I'm feeling a little lazy, just concealer, mascara and some cherry chapstick :)
Then I look at the clock... Where did all my time go??

So the hair is always my last step. Why is this? I mean, I can do my makeup at work... Even brush my teeth in the ladies restroom... But am I really going to haul my blow dryer and straightener and all my hair products to my desk job? Notta chance.

So it gets thrown in a wavy wet bun. Or blow-dryed into a crisp wad of fresh highlights.
Oh, and for some added spice, ill throw a flower clip in it. (makes it look like I meant to have my hair this way, or distracts people from the fact that I look like a street bum/ transient that stole someones pencil skirt and blouse)

Ahhh Bad hair days. What would women do without you?? I guess we wouldn't appreciate those really gooooood hair days now would we?

Now take a hike.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Meet Jody.
Who has ever complained about being the "middle child"?
Not I. I love being the middle one. I have an incredible older sister... (Featured today) and a little sister just the same.

Jody is my Older Sis. I know I could count on her for anything, rain or shine.
She has had my back for as long as I have had one :)
I love her to death, and would do anything for her.
Names she goes by: Do Do (Pronounced Doe Doe)

(The last two are names my dad makes up)

Top Ten Things to know about Jody:

1. She is one of the most responsible people, you will ever meet.

2. Her salsa kicks rear.

3.Her and lil sis, find interesting ways to deflate air beds.

4. Don't buy her dolphin stuff. She has enough.

5.She is the only person I know who spent an ungodly amount of money on a bed.
6. She doesn't have to wear make up. And she still looks damn good.

7. She's a Darren Fan
8.She is a Sharks Fan
9. I can't wait for her to have babies.
(Wait, is that something about her? OR me?)
10. I'm her favorite.
Don't ever complain about being in the middle. Its the best place to be. I promise.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Poppa.

This man is my "Chief Big Face" And I consider him my hero.
He is strong, confident and caring and loves all his girls very much.
He is a dedicated husband, loving father and incredible grandfather.
Top ten things you wanna know about Poppa.

1. He can fix anything, I mean ANYTHING
2. He is a Vietnam Veteran
3.He can dance. On moving busses... And will break out a dance move just to make you smile.
4. He can carry one heck of a tune!

5. He can tell you just what a "barking frog" sounds like.
6. He is the most in shape senior you have ever met!

7. He makes beer, jerky,olives and anything else that can marinate in his garage.
8.He goes to bed at night dreaming about his 66 Corvette

9. He gave me his eyes.
10. Im his favorite (Id like to think so at least)

Im so incredibly proud to call this man my Dad.
I don't know if my parents know how much I love and appreciate them.
Maybe I should tell them more often.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Mommy.

This is my "Mona". She is an incredibly amazing person.
Here are the top 10 things Id like to share about my Mother.
1.She is Super Fantastic.
2. She hates her middle name.
3. Her favorite candy? Chocolate Covered Cherries
4. Everyone wants her to adopt them.
5. Ask her to say "Sandwich". - Its cute.
6. She prefers the smell of gardenias.
7. She has to talk to her girls everyday.
8. I learned all of my creativity from her.

9. She hates pictures of herself.
10. I am her favorite ;)

I mean... What can you say about a Mom?? I am so utterly grateful to have such an incredible person to lean on... call in tears, and go to for the most honest advice there is.
She still thinks everything I do is beautiful. If I smeared mud on a newspaper... She would hang it on the fridge with pride. I am so very proud to call this beautiful woman "Mom".

And her middle name is Elaine. Shhhh.
I think it's beautiful.
But don't tell her I told...

I'll introduce Daddy Tomorow.

They're growing.

My hips that is.

Lord please have mercy on my hips. They didn't want me to do it.
It isn't their fault!! Don't take it out on them.

But that donut was delicious.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meet Rah

So today is a day I felt like introducing the love of my life...

My little sister.
She is my world.
My everything.
My Joy.

It is so weird to love someone so much, that the thought of them makes your heart hurt. (In the good way of course)

Id take a bullet for this little girl. She has been my stronghold for a very long time now. We don't see each other as often as we used to, but she is on my mind every day.
She is bright, strong willed and recently 21 & MARRIED...
I'm so proud of the woman she has become.
Meet Randi.

I call her Rah.

Tomorrow, Ill introduce my parents :)

I love her hairband. Im actually kinda jealous I didnt have one.

This is when we called her the michilen baby.

Bowl cuts were in. But I swear she has a mullet.

At the playground.

Does anyone else notice that the eyelashes on this bunny are creepy as all get out??

Her Bridal Shower.

Day before her wedding. Spa Day :)

Just being goofy.

The Day of her wedding.

My Beautiful little Sister, Randi Elizabeth Gonzales.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ahhh. Monday Mornings. They are filled with such anticipation for the week! You can start fresh and new... The laundry is done, house usually clean, coffee stop is in order and your new week can begin.

So usually I look forward to Monday's. Its one of my favorite days of the week. A lot of people may not agree with me, but its my day for new beginnings. Screw new year's resolutions, I have "new week" resolutions.

This week... I was going to challenge myself to a harder workout; also to practice more patience.

My New Week resolution has had a new twist. Its more of a "new week" hope. I will hope for the swelling in my lip to subside and that eyelashes DO in fact grow back.

This morning, the last step of my morning routine, turned into a girls worst cosmetic nightmare.
They eyelash curler slipped... (I can hear the gasps from all the ladies now)... Yes. They slipped.
Pulled out half of my eyelashes on my left eye. from the inner corner to the middle, and to add more injury to injury... the handle snapped back and pelted me in the lip.

I wanted to cry, and I did a little, but not from emotion... From the serious drippage of tears pouring from my now severely sore eye. Thank goodness for being late... which is what kept me from accessing the damage until I got in the car. And at every stoplight shoving my face up in the visor mirror thinking "Are these going to grow back??" "Oh No"... "They are only eyelashes..."

So with a fat lip and a bare eye I soldier on.

Even though when I tell my story, laughter ensues before the person does realize how painful ripping eyelashes from your lid could be. Yeah. Happy Monday.

So- Boycott Eyelash Curlers, yes... ladies this COULD happen to you.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bittersweet Hearts.

I loved this picture. I had to share.
On a SWEETER note... My roommate moves in tonight. And I'm very grateful for my friend Becky who is going to help turn that mess of a craft room into pure crafting brilliance. (see pictures in a post below)
See normally, I can organize myself, but this time, I have so much anxiety and nerves I feel like I may start throwing things out the window in pure irritation.
Ahhh, IF you don't have a good friend that will take a Friday night and spend it cleaning with you. Find one... Or if you do have a friend that will take a lunch break to be your personal Tom Tom... Your in luck.
I'm Lucky. Because I do.
I heart my friends.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Los Angeles. A Vacation?

Me: "Hello???"

Mysterious phone caller: "Hi, May I speak to Kristie?"

Me: "Uhhh, Who is this??"

Mysterious phone caller:"This is Chris from 92.5"


-at this point I knew I won something, I wasn't sure what, but I definitely knew a big "YAY" was in order.

So yep. After a streak of poopy crappity luck, the beam of light peaked through the clouds this morning in KristieTown. I won a contest!!

So a trip was in order.
So I grabbed me an "Ape Ape" (that's like my own in office Tom-Tom, her name is April, and she is just dandy) and we headed out to the radio station to claim the prize.
Once we figured out where the heck to go, they pulled us into the studio to do a little promotional voice stuff... I never knew how nerve-wracking it was to talk on the radio. I was especially tickled when they told me I had to practically "make out with the microphone".

So listen for April and I on 92.5!!

Here is what I won.
1 Night Stay at the Belamar Hotel Manhattan Beach

2 Tickets to Universal Studios

2 Tickets to the Hollywood Behind the Scenes Tour

2 Tickets to Kodak Theatre

2 Tickets to take the Starline Tour (I find it slightly creepy that these guys stalk celebrities houses each day with a bus full of people- so i probably wont do that)

Oh... And 2 Tickets to the Wax Museum.

I Loves it!! Let's go to L.A!!