Thursday, February 5, 2009

Los Angeles. A Vacation?

Me: "Hello???"

Mysterious phone caller: "Hi, May I speak to Kristie?"

Me: "Uhhh, Who is this??"

Mysterious phone caller:"This is Chris from 92.5"


-at this point I knew I won something, I wasn't sure what, but I definitely knew a big "YAY" was in order.

So yep. After a streak of poopy crappity luck, the beam of light peaked through the clouds this morning in KristieTown. I won a contest!!

So a trip was in order.
So I grabbed me an "Ape Ape" (that's like my own in office Tom-Tom, her name is April, and she is just dandy) and we headed out to the radio station to claim the prize.
Once we figured out where the heck to go, they pulled us into the studio to do a little promotional voice stuff... I never knew how nerve-wracking it was to talk on the radio. I was especially tickled when they told me I had to practically "make out with the microphone".

So listen for April and I on 92.5!!

Here is what I won.
1 Night Stay at the Belamar Hotel Manhattan Beach

2 Tickets to Universal Studios

2 Tickets to the Hollywood Behind the Scenes Tour

2 Tickets to Kodak Theatre

2 Tickets to take the Starline Tour (I find it slightly creepy that these guys stalk celebrities houses each day with a bus full of people- so i probably wont do that)

Oh... And 2 Tickets to the Wax Museum.

I Loves it!! Let's go to L.A!!


  1. No missy, you won a 2 night stay at the Belmar...there are 2 one night stay coupons. YEAH HOO FOR YOU!!! We're all going to hop in your trunk and come with you!

  2. Oh, I had no idea. Thanks. Your awesome!

  3. Your are so lucky! I wish that I could win a vacation. I hope you have lots of fun!!!! "Making out with the mic?" Funny. Never would have thought. When you see people do it on T.V. it just looks normal. I am with you on the whole not stalking the celebs. That is a bit creepy.