Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad Hair Day.

Have you ever had one of these??

(This picture was taken the day before my sister's wedding. The sponge roller disaster.)

I can definitely say I have them all the time.

It happens only on certain mornings and I almost know immediately the night before when it will happen.

It goes a little somethin like this.

Wake up.
Brush teeth.
Make up!! (A definite priority)
-If I'm feeling a little lazy, just concealer, mascara and some cherry chapstick :)
Then I look at the clock... Where did all my time go??

So the hair is always my last step. Why is this? I mean, I can do my makeup at work... Even brush my teeth in the ladies restroom... But am I really going to haul my blow dryer and straightener and all my hair products to my desk job? Notta chance.

So it gets thrown in a wavy wet bun. Or blow-dryed into a crisp wad of fresh highlights.
Oh, and for some added spice, ill throw a flower clip in it. (makes it look like I meant to have my hair this way, or distracts people from the fact that I look like a street bum/ transient that stole someones pencil skirt and blouse)

Ahhh Bad hair days. What would women do without you?? I guess we wouldn't appreciate those really gooooood hair days now would we?

Now take a hike.

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  1. I do my hair last for the most as well. It seems like if you don't it will get messed up in the shuffle of getting ready. I hate bad hair days, but I have been sporting the ponytail for a long time now and that helps a can have alot of bad ponytail days also. You know what...I have said for a bit that I need a personal hair stylist to do my hair everyday. That would seem the best way to ensure not having a bad hair day. :o)