Monday, February 9, 2009

Ahhh. Monday Mornings. They are filled with such anticipation for the week! You can start fresh and new... The laundry is done, house usually clean, coffee stop is in order and your new week can begin.

So usually I look forward to Monday's. Its one of my favorite days of the week. A lot of people may not agree with me, but its my day for new beginnings. Screw new year's resolutions, I have "new week" resolutions.

This week... I was going to challenge myself to a harder workout; also to practice more patience.

My New Week resolution has had a new twist. Its more of a "new week" hope. I will hope for the swelling in my lip to subside and that eyelashes DO in fact grow back.

This morning, the last step of my morning routine, turned into a girls worst cosmetic nightmare.
They eyelash curler slipped... (I can hear the gasps from all the ladies now)... Yes. They slipped.
Pulled out half of my eyelashes on my left eye. from the inner corner to the middle, and to add more injury to injury... the handle snapped back and pelted me in the lip.

I wanted to cry, and I did a little, but not from emotion... From the serious drippage of tears pouring from my now severely sore eye. Thank goodness for being late... which is what kept me from accessing the damage until I got in the car. And at every stoplight shoving my face up in the visor mirror thinking "Are these going to grow back??" "Oh No"... "They are only eyelashes..."

So with a fat lip and a bare eye I soldier on.

Even though when I tell my story, laughter ensues before the person does realize how painful ripping eyelashes from your lid could be. Yeah. Happy Monday.

So- Boycott Eyelash Curlers, yes... ladies this COULD happen to you.


  1. Okay. She's really not kidding! She really has no eyelashes and a fat lip. Poor thing!

    I've pinched myself pretty bad with that exact gadget you show in the picture.

    Happy Monday, I hope they grow back quickly!

  2. Oh no! You poor thing! I never use those things. I don't have the patience. Now I probably never will. I hope that you feel better soon. They will grow back. I have taken some of mine out before and they seem to have come back. Well, Happy Monday anyway! :)