Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Mommy.

This is my "Mona". She is an incredibly amazing person.
Here are the top 10 things Id like to share about my Mother.
1.She is Super Fantastic.
2. She hates her middle name.
3. Her favorite candy? Chocolate Covered Cherries
4. Everyone wants her to adopt them.
5. Ask her to say "Sandwich". - Its cute.
6. She prefers the smell of gardenias.
7. She has to talk to her girls everyday.
8. I learned all of my creativity from her.

9. She hates pictures of herself.
10. I am her favorite ;)

I mean... What can you say about a Mom?? I am so utterly grateful to have such an incredible person to lean on... call in tears, and go to for the most honest advice there is.
She still thinks everything I do is beautiful. If I smeared mud on a newspaper... She would hang it on the fridge with pride. I am so very proud to call this beautiful woman "Mom".

And her middle name is Elaine. Shhhh.
I think it's beautiful.
But don't tell her I told...

I'll introduce Daddy Tomorow.

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