Friday, August 20, 2010


When I first wrote this blog, it started after a saddening break up. I needed an outlet, somewhere to vent where I couldn't be judged (well i guess I can, but you can just close the window if you don't like what I'm writing, the little "X" button in the corner of the screen is a beautiful thing isn't it?)

Back to what I was saying... Never did I know that this blogging community would be such an ongoing interest of mine. I love reading blogs, it's nice to see what people share.

When I titled this blog "Foreverstronger" I didn't know how much that title would come into play. Not every day have I become stronger, some days I feel have made me weaker,older,wiser,sadder... and more disappointed in people as human beings. Above it all, I can look back and truly say that I have become forever stronger. I have learned how to forgive others, forgive myself and make better choices. I have created incredible friendships acquaintances and met new relatives. We had a family reunion at the end of September, that was amazing... meeting so many wonderful cousins.
And if I hadn't mentioned that I got this little man at the beginning of the year. He is 6 months today and it has been the best 6 months I could ever ask for.
My little sister came to visit me, and we took her out to her "first club".
Bekki is getting married. She's one of the many of my friends taking the jump this year. We had an amazing cowgirl themed bachelorette party with a mechanical bull and everything. I have video to prove it. Shhhh.
A night out with the girls. Ive always had a bucket list for my 20's. This particular night 4 of my favorite friends helped me fulfill #4 on my list. Walk home drunk and barefoot. The barefoot part happened right after we ran thru sprinklers in our nice dresses. I couldn't have asked for a better night.
Summer bbq's at the "brothers palace".
This is Irina and Megan, pretty much the most chill girls ever.
I live a charmed life.
I'm happy.
I'm okay.
I'm secure.
And I'm Forever Stronger.

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