Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Break Up Bottle.

It has been sitting there...
Haunting me.

The Break Up Bottle.

A 2004 Vintage bottle of merlot. It has gone untouched for many years... Until

-Insert Dramatic Music Here-

The Breakup.

I know I know, It doesn't sound that bad; but as soon as I twisted out the cork, major guilt set in.
This bottle was a gift from a dear friend. A friend that had been overseas for years. It has been wrapped up tight and handled with care, each time I moved; Hidden away from roomates, dusted and admired. And now in one moment of weakness and pure desperation for a drink of fantastic grape comfort...

More tears, more sobbing. I did it. It is opened... Can't turn back now. So what did I do? Yeah, You guessed it; I drank a glass every night last week. And the last glass I poored still rests in my favorite amber colored wine glass.

Does that mean I am over it?

1 comment:

  1. I hope it means you are healing, maybe not over it yet. Healing is good.