Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Im still here.

I know it seems like I fell off the face of the earth, but I'm still here :)
I stalk all of your blogs (the 2 followers that i have - tee hee)
And a couple strangers who have no idea that I exist. Anyway,
A quick update on whats been going on.
I had a nasty accident. Cant give details, but my back hurts. Ouch. And I have a new car.
Its my cute little toaster, yes yes... a red Scion XB. I just ordered custom plates that say "1BXYLDY" Yeah that's right, Boxxxxyyyyy Ladyyyyy! It was the only fun I got out of this whole situation... But I digress.
In better news my little sister is getting more and more pregnant.
I got to feel the baby kick for the first time, and I about lost it. I cried hysterically over my sister's pregnant belly saying the baby's name "Parker... Its Auntie!!"
Christmas was wonderful. I dressed like an elf at work, and spread some holiday cheer.

And here is a photo of the boyfriend wearing my Burberry Sunglasses and his silly hat I bought him that he loves. We were on our way to the parents house for Christmas.

We had an amazing time with my family. The dinner was amazing and roasting marshmallows by the fire with my nephew was the best. I got a TomTom (Navigation system) Which is uber exciting if you know me. And some cool converse and coffee cups. I'm such a lucky girl. Thanks for the oatmeal and Olive oil Mom. I super wanted some olive oil. That stuff is so dang expensive!!

Well that is my update. NYE should be pretty rockin, Were having a red carpet themed party at my friends Semi- Mansion. The dress I bought is pretty amazing, Oh yes folks. PINK SEQUINS. I'm super excited.
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and I wish you a fantastic new year!
What was your favorite gift you got for Christmas?? Id love to know!


  1. Cool car!!!! Glad to see that you are doing well! My favorite Christmas gift was the cd's that my brother made me for Christmas!!! Happy New Year in advance!!! :o)

  2. Hey girl, I left you something on my blog!!! Hope you are well!!! :o)