Thursday, May 6, 2010

My new place.

So its official. I'm now a downtown girl.

Looking back last year I posted about moving... I seemed like I was excited to move, shortly after I moved, I realized I was not. It wasn't the worst living situation I've ever been in, but I moved with intentions to stay for more than 12months. I did NOT want to re-pack my stuff a year later to do this ALLLLLL over again.

So let this be my promise. I vow to stay at this new gorgeous 70's style downtown pad, for longer than 12 months. ( Unless that is, Mr. Wonderful comes to sweep me off my feet and take me to that place we call neverland, and I can live happily ever after with a huge diamond sparkling on my hand.) Ha.

Here are some photos.

The living room ( I have no curtains yet, this is the property managements photo)
The super retro kitchen. I adore it. Mine is lime green though.

Im pretty excited about moving this time. Down town is right in the middle of it all, all the hustle and bustle. I figure, if theres going to be any time to live in the middle of it all... Now is the time.
A very popular thing in downtown are bikes. You can pretty much ride your bike anywhere, bike lock ups are a regular thing with businesses and such. So... I just had to...

And Here is my new Ride... Roxy. She's a beaut. I just need a basket, and a bell.
Other than that, here is my new update. Im happy... and continue to try to stay organized and un-stressed thru another move.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Glad to hear that you are happy girl! Lovely Apt and bike. :o)

  2. congratulations! enjoy your new place