Friday, January 21, 2011

We live among fools...

We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Interesting how right Mr. King is.

Lately I have been faced with the racism argument. Who is right? Who is wrong?
No matter what excuse people use to justify it, I still come unglued.
Is it really necessary to judge someone by the color of their skin?

It is really sad to me that I still hear prejudice alive today. Regrettably within my age group... I mean really?? These are the people of my generation!! Teaching their children that it's acceptable to choose how to treat someone based on their ethnic background. That a "Raghead", "Wetback", or "Chink" joke is funny.
Oh, cant forget the black jokes. Those are the easiest. But it's okay dude...

"I was just raised that way. It doesn't make me racist..."

Here we are, supposed to be the most forward thinking generation, making our ways into roles that can make a difference. Changing things, making them right.
Were going green, going solo, going gay... And were proud of it.

I really just hope that one day... we will look at someone and not notice their race and really just see who they really are, as a person.

I digress.

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