Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deee- Rama.

Over it. So very over it.

Why is it that people can make something out of nothing? Is it because we get bored with our own lives, so we find so much interest in others'?

Sometimes I just do not get it.

I mean, don't get me wrong. We are ALLLL guilty of a little gossip here and there. Ive made my share of comments about people without them knowing. So let me tell you. It stops here.

I'm 24 years old, and have better things to do then be concerned about how someone else lives their life, what choices they make, who they are with, what they are wearing or how they express themselves. I'm making a promise to myself... I will be my #1 concern. No one else.
I'm not trying to be selfish, of course my family is my priority, but beyond that and a few choice friends I don't care what they do with their life. To each their own. Power to the people man!!

What a blessing to have the freedoms we do, the opportunities in life, the choices of careers religions, sexual orientations and the choice to choose our friends & our hair color. I mean, WE ARE SO LUCKY!
I will choose more wisely. I will make sure I surround myself with people that are healthy for my growth, and that really truly deep down care about me as a whole, and just not on the surface. I hear that you will only meet a few of these people in a lifetime. I hope I meet them one day, and I hope I can be that person to someone else.

We learn so many lessons in life, I have learned many already. I feel like I'm a 50 year old in a 24 year old's body, and that is okay. I know I am no where near perfect... but I try to do good. Make people smile. Give when I can. Show love. Be honest. I want to be a good person. I love making others feel good, and I will continue to better myself.
I love everyone I have in my life right now. They all add a little something different. May it be spontaniety, a listening ear. Strong arms, a good hug , good advice- someone to cry to, and those that just teach me lessons. Lessons upon lessons.

Another lesson learned :)

Man, and does it feel good!


  1. I think that it can be hard to let things roll off your back so easily. You are amazing!

  2. Just keep to the people that God places in your life and show kindness to all, but keep them at a distance. Some people can be so toxic. Just keep you head up and keep it moving! :o)