Wednesday, May 13, 2009

With a twirl and a smile...

Kristie loves her some summer dresses.
Every morning I wake up and wonder what to wear... You know that 1/4th of my closet consists of dresses?? Maybe even more than 1/4th. Like 1/4th and a half.
(I've never been good with numbers)
I really love dresses, they make you feel uber feminine, and girly... They are light and airy, easy to wear, and super comfortable. I need more. Lot's more.
I go into a store, and my eyes start darting around looking for a summer dress. Bright color's and prints, not too long... Just above the knee. Something with short sleeves so I can wear it to work.
Summer, wouldn't be summer with out the summer dress.
Three Cheers For Summer Dresses!!!!

1 comment:

  1. You should see all the really cute dresses Wet Seal and Styles for Less has. I had to contain myself, but did walk away with a long purple one.