Thursday, February 18, 2010

A short sweet rant

Rant starts now.

I Miss the smell of plain brown #2 Pencils.
I Miss how life was so easy as a child.
I miss being carefree...
Now with all these bills... These responsibilities... I just want to scream sometimes, or just run away.

I Miss how I felt when I first started my job. SO HAPPY. Like I had a second family.
Now I come to work and wonder if I'm the one being whispered about...
I don't want to feel like the bad guy anymore.

So here is my resolution...

I AM the good guy. I will be the one that is nice, and courteous always and will continue to be.
I need to change my attitude... I am becoming those people that drive me insane, the ones that are bitter and impatient.

Friends are hard to find, but when you find them... check again to make sure if they are really your friends... when you know they really are, then hold them close.

I have a few good friends. Im grateful. VERY grateful for them, and will never take them for granted.

And who said anything about this keeping your enemies closer?? Heck-no Techno. Enemies... get the hell away from me.

Also, there is one more thing I want to rant about...
I'm super sick of waking up and feeling like an old lady. ACHING everywhere. I want things to go back to before November. I'm trying so hard to not let it get to me everyday but I will admit, It kinda is. I just HURT. I feel like if I ignore it, and pretend the pain isn't bothering me, that maybe I will just forget it, or it will just go away... Not the case.
I hope they find a cure for arthritis. I hate the thought that anyone has to feel this way.

Rant over.


  1. Awww, girl, I hope that things get better for you soon! I will keep you in my prayers! I hear ya on the friends too. Often times you do have to do a double take.

  2. i'm definitely ranting with you about enemies...there is a reason they are enemies, if i wanted them close i would have made them friends! i hope your aches go away, my prayers are with you.