Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Formula & Short Whites.

Yeah, It is kinda like baby formula. And its SOOO good... I mean, since when is it okay to drink a package of powder and call it breakfast? Now is a good time. You know, I have never been one of those crazy "dieting" people, that drink the supplements etc. And I am pretty sure that Carnation Instant Breakfast doesn't even fall in the supplement category. None the less it is an incredibly yummy, think, grainy chocolate milk, that fills you up, and doesn't let you down. (hehe)

On to more fun topics... I got my nails done yesterday. I had a gift certificate I hadn't used yet, so I figured after my tanning trip and before the gym, I would stop to get my nails done. MISTAKE.

It started out as the normal salon trip... "Peek yo' Cuhla" Which roughly translates to - "Pick Your Color". After you explain you don't want a color... That you want Pink & White, they smile... Because they know they are going to up sale up sale up sale.

First you can't get acrylic... No no no. Acrylic (the cheapest) isn't good enough for you. You need fiberglass. The reason? " "It so much mo bootiful fo youuuuu" *4 dollars more*
Then there's a special topcoat and sealer.... *2 Dollars more*

Who knew that you needed a special top coat with the special nail powder. Not I.

Then She's so sweet. Shes super concerned. Not only about the very shape of your nail but, if "you have boyfriend"... "Why you single?" And she wants to know every detail of your love life, while she talks in a completely different language when you finish. Which makes you wonder... Seriously? Are they talking about me?

Have you noticed that these nail ladies barely even raise their voices, and the other 3 women can hear every word they are saying? Its like they have incredible hearing. They talk so fast and so low. I'm envious.

So, as I'm sitting there and shes doing my nails, I mention that I like the whites of my nails short . Which I did not apparently explain properly. She took me literally, and still put the whites half way up my nail bed, and did she ever make those whites short. Yes. Yes she did.

I have no nail over my fingertips. The nails are filed so far back that my fingertips actually exceed my nails. But you know what? My whites are short.

Thanks Ana. Sweet little Ana.
And thanks for still charging me full price for nails shorter than when I came in. I appreciate you and your diverse beauty skills.

Lets just say this is my punishment for the upgrade to fiberglass and the super special coat that I upgraded to. I couldn't afford it. So I was punished.

My fingertips hurt.

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  1. Ummm...are you coming back? Hope all is well! :o)