Monday, March 23, 2009

Second Family.

My Second Family

Here I am, another intense day at work... (A new work that is) With all kinds of fun new challenges and changes.
I used to love a good challenge, but lately I have had far too many. I just want to sleep. For a month or maybe two.

I have to say that walking in the door every morning isnt as bad as it could be because I am lucky enough to have a second family. A family of coworkers that always say "good morning". They know when you are grumpy and when to just leave you the heck alone... They know when all you need is a hug or a smile. They help you even when they need helping themselves. You know you see the people you work with more (in most circumstances) than your own family. These people pictured in this post have reallllly become my best friends... My sisters, mothers, and my side-kicks. Im so blessed.

They bring you a piece of licorice, just when Im at the point of stress that I may possibly eat the whole candy bowl. They support me in my life decisions... And always have my back (you know who you are). Half of them are going to come out and support me (while im half naked) go-go dancing on Friday. What's mine is yours I guess :) I appreciate these folks so much and they deserve the second family award.

So here it is My LISIANS.

Here is to you...
Now I need a drink.


  1. I have coworkers like this too. It's so nice not to hate work.

  2. Girl you are so lucky! I will leave it at that. :o)