Friday, April 3, 2009

Dance it off.

I'm go go dancing again tonight. I'm not sure If I am 100% looking forward to it or not. I'm drinking up my electrolytes, and I actually enjoyed some carbohydrates.

It is such a great workout, and this is my #2 reason for doing it... Ill give you my top 10 reasons you should give Go-Go Dancing a shot.

1. They pay you to dance... (I know right!?! Score!)
2. It is the best high energy, body intensive workout you have ever had.
3. You don't sweat. - Women don't sweat... We glisten
4. Go Go Boots are flattering on anyone. I swear it.
5. You get to help keep everyone dancing.
6. It is a rush to be up in front of a bunch of people showing off your moves.
7. There is a song that goes "Move move, shake shake now Drop Drop Drop Drop" Its the funnest challenge since my multiplication tables in grade school. 8 time 8 fell on the floor, picked it up and it was 64!
8. While you dance, there is nothing else you can think about - other than what your next dance move is going to be, or how your going to un-noticeably mop the sweat- I mean the Glisten- from your brow.
9. I get to be out there with my Best Friend. Who I couldn't imagine doing this without.
10. You get to dress up. And I mean DRESS up. Glitter, stones big hair, lots of make up. Its a blast.

So Ill let you borrow my boots, and you can take the pedestal for a spin.

-Ill possibly have some pictures to post on monday :)



  1. Sounds like fun. I don't know that I could dance in those boots. :o)

  2. Haven't heard from you in a while! Hope you're doing OK!