Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's A Go Go!!

WARNING: Contains Mature Adult Content - May not be suitable for someone who does not have an open non judgemental mind.
So I started doing the Go Go thing.
My Mother... She thinks I'm a stripper. Not the case, Strippers get paid way more than I do. Plus they do things that when I think about them I blush.
I have tried to put things into perspective for my parents.
A. I don't & never have touched a drug in my life
B. I work a normal 8-5 Job.
C. I don't have babies without daddies running around
D. No DUI's or run in's with the law, that seem to be Oh so popular with my generation.
E. I'm not a prostitute, or a stripper (I SWEAR MOM!!)

It's just a side job, that I get paid to dance in a bathing suit, and burn 2000 calories each Friday/Saturday night. That's all.

I mean look at the smile on my face ^
And the smile on his ^ (our lucky little neighbor)
I promise I would never do anything that would be inappropriate or putting myself in harms way. We have these amazing bouncers, that never take their eyes off of us. If one guy/girl touches us. They are promptly escorted out.
(- yeah we have more problems with girls than guys... imagine that-)
I love what I do on the weekends. It's fun & I enjoy it.
I wish for the approval from everyone in my life, but I know I won't get it. I'm sure there's those that say things that I don't know about, and smile to my face...
Either way, I like it. And I'm going to stick with it for now
Enjoy the photos :)


  1. Who and what are you dancing for? Is it like a club or a show? Is is backup for something? any event you look nice. :o)

  2. I dance for 2 different night clubs. Just providing atmosphere, and getting people to have fun! :) It's quite enjoyable.

  3. More power to you. I could NEVER get up and do what you do. I only dance when really drunk and you know how often that happens. In a secret way I am jealous because you have the confidence to do what I only dream of.