Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I have been feeling like im falling into a relapse. Im eating whatever I want again - and havent been to the gym. I am so incredibly scared of getting back to my prior size, that I cannot get it off my mind.
My excuses for both are - I only live once. Eat what I want. and... I've been sick for two weeks, plus dancing on Fridays is at least 2 days of working out :)
None which should be valid.

Before Pictures.

It has been a difficult road to where I am now. With this new life, new confidence, spirit and body... comes a lot of different things that I now have to deal with.

Im extremely consious of every bite in my mouth. I imagine the brownie on my hips, or the Taco Bell on my thighs. It is difficult... Man I love brownies!!

There was nothing wrong with who I was physically before. I have always found the beauty in myself, I just had no confidence and I was unhappy. Im super fantastically happy now, just a bit stressed over every calorie and fat gram. Hopefully it gets better with time. I always feel 110% better when I am taking care of my body.
But now... some promises to myself.
- Back on the treadmill tonight.
-Hitting the weights
& Eating right


  1. You are beautiful no matter what size!

  2. Yeah I agree..you are gorgeous however, but I know what you mean. You have made alot of progress with your weight. You look amazing..I am on that journey now..I think I am going to cave tonight though..so sad I know. Keep up the good work! :o)