Thursday, April 23, 2009

Introducing... TEAM RODRIGUEZ

The front of the shirts say "Team Rodriguez"

The backs of the shirts say "Captain Hickey" Which is Samm
And "Co-Captain Chavez" - Me :)
I'm good with second in command... I swear.

It all began one cold evening in January. Samm and I were invited down town to a lounge. We went. We enjoyed. We had fun, met some new friends and called it a night. Kristie's new friend... We will call him CoPo... He kinda turned out to be a total... hmmmm.... whats a good word. Douche bag? Yeah. Douche bag. Either way he is the beginning of Team Rodriguez.

We met CoPo at the lounge - CoPo and Kristie exchange numbers - CoPo happens to be a comedian- CoPo wants Kristie & Samm to come support him at his next comedic event in downtown- Kristie & Samm Go.

Then it happened.

One of the opening acts was Mr. Ellis Rodriguez.

We were in love.

Samm was more in love than I of course. Comedians definitely don't do it for me :)

Anywho... Samm was hyperventilating in the seat next to me. This man, Mr. Rodriguez was not going to get away from her. He... Was her "future ex husband".

So I approach this fine gentleman, ask for him to take a picture with my friend... And we have not been apart since. We have made friends now with an incredible group of comedians, who know just how to make us laugh. The night I found out TJ died, I went to an open mic night, and all these guys made sure to make me smile thru the tears. They are incredibly genuine, interesting, and sweet guys. And I am blessed that I have met them.

It really makes me feel like you meet people for a reason. -Thanks CoPo for bringing me to these amazing people.

We are the Fan Club. We are the Cheerleaders. We are the future of Team Rodriguez.

(He is super funny- You Tube him - Ellis Rodriguez Comedy)

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  1. That's so great! I wish I had a bunch of comedians to hang out with!