Monday, June 1, 2009


So my friend April really loves lime green. I like green but not really lime...
Well Saturday, I was asked to wear this ridiculously bright color for work. I shuddered at the thought.... So I borrowed some of this awful color to wear, I put it on and well well well... Not so bad! I am happy to report I am a HUGE fan of lime green now, also... the party was a huge success. I have never danced a private party before, and was leery at first... but we had two bouncers escort us. It was extremely professional, the lady had go-go boxes built for us, and had lighting and bubbles... (P.S.- soap residue from bubbles on a box that your dancing on = NO BUENO)
I spent most of my day home on Sunday. Just cleaned house, enjoyed doing nothing. Our Internet (Sam calls it the Interim-net; because it only works when it wants to) keeps going out... So hopefully ATT will fix this problem today. If not, then I'm going to become the problem for ATT, and will walk my butt to India tap that silly broad on the shoulder who continues to say on the phone "We apologize Miss Chavez, Let me research" and flick her in the nose. Is that all those girls know?? Is there not more on that script they are reading to me? Ugh. I have spent too many hours of my life on the phone with ATT. I feel like they should pay me.
I miss my family back home. I thought a lot about Tehachapi today. I miss my mom's cooking and my Dad's coffee.
It's almost my little sister's 1 year wedding anniversary. I'm so dang proud of her. I love my little brother. They really are great together. I sent them to LA for their anniversary and Zaya's birthday. That LA trip I won, hopefully really made a nice trip for them.
Okay. Enough for now.


  1. Awww...that was nice of you to send them on a trip. :o) I am trying to embrace new colors too. Mostly in nail polish these days. They are fun. Plus neon seems to be the thing for the time. So, your new color would be in style for the season! :O)

  2. Yeah hoo for LIME GREEN!! LOL Welcome to the "bright" side...haha.

    I hope they had a great trip, that was very sweet!