Friday, June 19, 2009

My Bee Eff Eff - Sismance

Samantha La Rae Hickey
Ain't she Sweet??

How do you describe a "best friend". Is it really your best? I mean is it your favorite friend? The friend that you are with the most? I don't care about terms,

Ill call her my everything friend.

I love this girl so much, she has really stepped into my life and changed it for the better.
She moved in to my apartment the day I found out TJ died, and she was right there on the ground with me in complete and utter grief. I can say she's a good part of the reason I made it through that hard time and when the grief hits me suddenly at times... I know I can count on her to just hold my hand.

Having her as a friend is pretty fantastic. I think we have taught each other a lot. Samantha has taught me the beauty of fake hair and the words "slightly intoxicated"... yes... there is intoxicated and slightly intoxicated.
I can wake her up out of a dead sleep and have her help me search for my keys at 6am,wandering around in a stupor, when they were in my purse the whole time... I can call her just to talk about nothing, or just complain about nothing, even though we will see each other an hour later.

Inside jokes, mood swings and bad hair days... We always find the humor together.

Friends are hard to find... Especially female friends. Samantha and I always have each other's backs, and it is pretty amazing to have a friend you can 100% count on.
What do they call two girls platonic romance? Like a sis-mance maybe? Ha.

All I know is this. I super duper love this girl.


  1. I totally understand this. That is so sweet of her to move in with you after your loss! What a great friend to have! :o) You are lucky to have her. Also, these pics are so cute! I really like the top one! :o)

  2. you are so lucky! would you have any suggestions as to how i can find a sismance too?