Monday, June 8, 2009

We Bake for Hank

Here is some pictures from the Bake sale that we had for Hank.
Hank is super sweet, He really was overwhelmed with all the women that just could not wait to get a moment of his time. Our personal little celebrity.
Look at me here, how lucky am I? I should have gotten his autograph!
Hank & I

With all his goodies

Hank & I Again...

Hank with his biggest fans

We raised 400 dollars for Hank.
How excited am I? I have such an amazing team of people that I work with.
Thanks everyone for contributing.
And if you haven't checked out these links... DO IT DO IT! & Donate!


  1. Yeah hoo!!! And yes, go donate! They leave in a few weeks for New York.