Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A ramble.

It's a Tuesday. I'm at work. I sit here each day while a phone annoyingly buzzes in my ear, eagerly begging to be answered... Over and over.

After the second call of the morning, I'm already over it.

"Thank you for Calling, this is Kristie... How can I help you?"

- I don't want to help them usually. They- being brokers. Jerks is what I like to call them, they have nasty attitudes that make them quite unpleasant. Sure... Go ahead Mr. Broker... Talk to me like I'm the dumb receptionist with bright blond hair and pink lipstick, that sits at her desk files her nails and says "um... like... um" all day. Whatever.

Not the case. Truly. I'm the opposite. Sometimes I just wish they would give me a chance. Its okay though, one day.

I feel like I'm being wasted, I have the capacity for so much more and yet, still at the bottom of the food chain I sit. Just waiting for the animal "Economy" to eat me. I'm just waiting for that day.

So why is it, I do have a job and yet I complain you ask?? Well, It is human nature. Sometimes we just need to get it all out, this my friends is what I am doing. Just venting. It is challenging every day, but its stressfully frustratingly challenging. Not challenging in the sense that it is helping me learn something, and broadening my skill set. (Sheldon Perry just called me... Yay.)


Deep breathe.

I feel kind of down this week I guess, I just don't feel like myself. I have been getting back in the gym, and stopped eating crap foods again, and I still just feel super down and out. I cannot put my finger on what is exactly bothering me, but I will get over it. Writing always helps.

I don't know why, I met an incredible man, I have amazing family (Mom and Dad and Sis's are truly my strongholds) And I live with my best friend.

I guess I'm just scared of some things right now. Feel a little let down, and am just letting it overtake me this week.

Time to change my mood, and find my center.

This post was a lot of nothing with extra rambling. Sorry.


  1. Girl, do not apologize. I feel the same way. I take calls aaaaaaaaallllllll day long as well so I totally feel you! I was a bit down over the weekend over some things myself. It is important to just acknowledge the emotions, feel them, and then just keep it moving. I hope that you feel better soon! :o)You should never feel bad for feeling how you feel and if writing it out is what works, then do it! :o)

  2. p.s. what you will find is that alot of people share the same emotions as you do. I know that I do. :o)